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Basic tips for your first Firebase project

Posted 16/10/2020

I've scrated a new project that I want to launch in just a few days and I'm using Firebase, taking advantage of its free tier for hosting, cloud functions, authentication and data storage. Here are some tips that ca be helpful if you're starting a new project using Firebase.

Improve web performance lazy loading reCaptcha

Posted 29/06/2020

A super quick guide explaining how you can improve your Lighthouse score and overall page performance by lazy loading reCaptcha only when users interact with your forms.

Public demo of my side project (theLifeBoard)

Posted 21/04/2020

We've been working in our side project called theLifeBoard for a few months, just doing little bits whenever we can. We just released a public demo that allows users to play around with the dashboard without signing up.

Create a serverless subscribe form with AWS Lambda function and API

Posted 19/12/2019

Serverless functions have some advantages over a full backend service that we might want to consider when creating small projects. In this article I explore them and create a subscription form using an AWS Lambda function and Gateway API.

Using socket.io to create a chat application

Posted 13/11/2019

Do you need to create a real time event driven application? With Socket.io it's super easy! Follow this step-by-step guide to understand how to build a chat application you can deploy to your server.

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