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My dev environment in Windows 10, WSL2 and Docker

Posted 10/05/2020

A few months ago I decided to give Windows 10 another opportunity when I heard about Windows Subsystem for Linux, which basically allows you to run Linux inside Windows. I've been running this setup for the last 6 months and pretty happy with it.

SEO tips I apply to all my projects

Posted 17/04/2020

This is a list with all the things related to SEO that I keep in mind when developing a new project. I consider these a minimum to keep you website highly ranked by Search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc)

Bootstrap a Laravel 7 + Tailwind CSS project

Posted 18/03/2020

In this quick article I explain how to scaffold a Laravel 7 project including the new CSS framework Tailwind CSS. In addition, I included PurgeCSS to help decrease the size of the project bundle.

My Linux (OS X look alike) desktop setup

Posted 22/01/2019

If you like the look and feel of OS X but don't really like Apple laptops anymore you can configure your a Linux distribution to look almost exactly like it.

NPM behind the scenes and publish guide

Posted 15/11/2018

A quick guide explaining how NPM works behind the scenes and how to publish and update your packages in npmjs.org

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