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AWS architecture for a SaaS

Posted 20/10/2020

I recently build a SaaS project and hosted all its components in AWS. In this article, I'll explain all the AWS services I used and how they are combined.

Basic tips for your first Firebase project

Posted 16/10/2020

I've scrated a new project that I want to launch in just a few days and I'm using Firebase, taking advantage of its free tier for hosting, cloud functions, authentication and data storage. Here are some tips that ca be helpful if you're starting a new project using Firebase.

My dev environment in Windows 10, WSL2 and Docker

Posted 10/05/2020

A few months ago I decided to give Windows 10 another opportunity when I heard about Windows Subsystem for Linux, which basically allows you to run Linux inside Windows. I've been running this setup for the last 6 months and pretty happy with it.

SEO tips I apply to all my projects

Posted 17/04/2020

This is a list with all the things related to SEO that I keep in mind when developing a new project. I consider these a minimum to keep you website highly ranked by Search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc)

Bootstrap a Laravel 7 + Tailwind CSS project

Posted 18/03/2020

In this quick article I explain how to scaffold a Laravel 7 project including the new CSS framework Tailwind CSS. In addition, I included PurgeCSS to help decrease the size of the project bundle.

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