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Firestore pagination with Vuexfire

Posted 16/11/2020

Vuexfire is great to bind a Firestore query to your state and keep it in sync but the moment you try to add the Firestore pagination methods like startAfter to your query, things start to fall apart. I explain you how to create a load more pagination using Vuexfire and a few custom mutations.

Use Vuexfire to simplify your application state management

Posted 12/11/2020

One of the most common problems to solve when building a Vue.js project is state management. While Vuex is great, you always end up writting a ton of actions, mutations and getters. If your application backend is Firebase, Vuexfire can save you a lot of time and quite a few lines of code.

AWS architecture for a SaaS

Posted 20/10/2020

I recently build a SaaS project and hosted all its components in AWS. In this article, I'll explain all the AWS services I used and how they are combined.

Basic tips for your first Firebase project

Posted 16/10/2020

I've started a new project that I want to launch in just a few days and I'm using Firebase, taking advantage of its free tier for hosting, cloud functions, authentication and data storage. Here are some tips that ca be helpful if you're starting a new project using Firebase.

I'm going to stop lying to myself

Posted 24/07/2020

I'm going to work smarter, focusing on what needs to be done reach my goals and if I fail, I'll accept it knowing that I gave it all.


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