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Articles about laravel

How to create markdown blog in Laravel 7


A step-by-step guide to create a Laravel 7 blog that uses Markdown. I use SimpleMDE as the markdown editor and parse the markdown to HTML thanks to GitDown and the GitHub Markdown API, obtaining clean HTML with code highlighted blocks

Adding reCaptcha to a Laravel form


One of the most annoying things of having a form in a website is seeing it being targeted by spam bots. In this article I'm going to explain how to get rid of them by integrating Google's reCaptcha in a Laravel form.

Consuming your Laravel API with JavaScript


Laravel Passport documentation is a little complex and focuses on creating a OAuth2 server. In this article I explain the basics to manage API authentication to consume you own Laravel API from a JavaScript front end.

Vue.js and REST API coding quick tips


Building your web application with an API and a separate front end is very common setup. This is a collection of quick tips to build your APIs and a front end using Vue.js.