I'm Antonio Ufano,


I'm going to stop lying to myself

Posted 24/07/2020

I'm going to work smarter, focusing on what needs to be done reach my goals and if I fail, I'll accept it knowing that I gave it all.

Improve page performance lazy loading reCaptcha

Posted 29/06/2020

A super quick guide explaining how you can improve your Lighthouse score and overall page performance by lazy loading reCaptcha only when users interact with your forms.

Manage Mailchimp subscribers in a Laravel website

Posted 17/06/2020

Step-by-step guide to create a newsletter subscribe form in a Laravel website and integrate it with Mainchimp API using the laravel-newsletter package.

Building APIs FAST with Strapi, an overview

Posted 11/06/2020

I've been using Strapi for a few months in different scenarios, from quick prototypes and small test to more serious projects like the web application I'm working on (theLifeBoard.app). In this article, I cover all the pros and a few cons I've faced while using it.

My dev environment in Windows 10, WSL2 and Docker

Posted 10/05/2020

A few months ago I decided to give Windows 10 another opportunity when I heard about Windows Subsystem for Linux, which basically allows you to run Linux inside Windows. I've been running this setup for the last 6 months and pretty happy with it.

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