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Building APIs FAST with Strapi, an overview

Posted 11/06/2020

I've been using Strapi for a few months in different scenarios, from quick prototypes and small test to more serious projects like the web application I'm working on (theLifeBoard.app). In this article, I cover all the pros and a few cons I've faced while using it.

Understanding OAuth2 authentication to use Google APIs

Posted 12/05/2019

How to use OAuth2 authentication to use Google API's. I created a CLI program to authenticate in Google and use the Calendar API to list and filter events.

Consuming your Laravel API with JavaScript

Posted 29/04/2018

Passport documentation is a little complex and focuses on creating a OAuth2 server. In this article I explain the basics to manage API authentication to consume you own API from a JavaScript front end.

Vue.js and REST API coding quick tips

Posted 08/04/2018

Building your web application with an API and a separate front end is very common setup. This is a collection of quick tips to build your APIs and a front end using Vue.js.

Guide to build web app with authentication and REST API with token authentication

Posted 28/03/2018

Step by step guide to create a To Do List web application with password authentication plus a REST API with token authentication to expose the same functionalities to third parties or a SPA front end (like Vue.js).

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