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Fix 404 errors with Vue.js apps on Netlify

Posted 19/11/2020

If you've deploy a Vue.js app application to Netlify, chances are you've seen its 404 error page. This usually happens when you're app uses Vue Router in history mode. The fix is pretty simple and it just involves one line of code!

AWS architecture for a SaaS

Posted 20/10/2020

I recently build a SaaS project and hosted all its components in AWS. In this article, I'll explain all the AWS services I used and how they are combined.

Deploy a Laravel 7 app to shared hosting (namecheap)

Posted 20/03/2020

This is a step-by-step guide of how I deployed a Laravel 7 project to a shared hosting in NameCheap explaining how to install Composer, how to deploy your code, database configuration and Apache config.

Guide to deploy Laravel 5 app to shared hosting (1and1)

Posted 18/03/2018

Once you have cofigured your development environment, building an application with Laravel is a joy but deploying it to a server can be difficult. Find below a quick guide to deploy your Laravel 5 application to a shared hosting.

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