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Deploy Strapi applications to production

Posted 30/12/2020

I share some tips to deploy Strapi applications to production and guide you step-by-step to deploying a Strapi project to DigitalOcean App Platform

Easily send emails in Strapi with any provider

Posted 27/11/2020

I've been using Strapi for a few months now and, even though it includes a default plugin to send emails out the box, it's not the best option to use in Production. There are multiple plugins for different email providers but in this article, I'll show you how to use a plugin that works with any provider.

Building APIs FAST with Strapi, an overview

Posted 11/06/2020

I've been using Strapi for a few months in different scenarios, from quick prototypes and small test to more serious projects like the web application I'm working on (theLifeBoard.app). In this article, I cover all the pros and a few cons I've faced while using it.

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