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Articles about strapi

Easily send emails in Strapi with any provider


Strapi's default email plugin is not the best option to use in Production. There are multiple plugins for different email providers but in this article, I'll show you how to use a plugin that works with any provider.

Building APIs FAST with Strapi, an overview


I've been using Strapi for a few months in different scenarios, from quick prototypes and small test to more serious projects like the web application I'm working on (thelifeboard.app). In this article, I cover all the pros and a few cons I've faced while using it.

Public demo of my side project: theLIFEBOARD


We've been working in our side project called theLIFEBOARD for a few months, just doing little bits whenever we can and we just released a public demo that allows users to play around with the dashboard without signing up.