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Articles about javascript

Firestore pagination with Vuexfire


Vuexfire is great to bind a Firestore query to your state and keep it in sync but the moment you try to add the Firestore pagination methods like startAfter to your query, things start to fall apart. I explain you how to create a load more pagination using Vuexfire and a few custom mutations.

Vuexfire guide: simplify your Vue.js application state management


One of the most common problems to solve when building a Vue.js project is state management. While Vuex is great, you always end up writting a ton of actions, mutations and getters. If your application backend is Firebase, Vuexfire can save you a lot of time and quite a few lines of code.

Understanding the basics of Socket.io


Do you need to create a real time event driven application? With Socket.io it's super easy! Follow this step-by-step guide to understand how to build a chat application you can deploy to your server.

Understanding Javascript promises


Javascript promises are very useful when working with asynchronous tasks like reading files and calling APIs. In this article I explain what they are, how to create them, create functions that return them and how to use ES7 async/await syntax.